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Считалочки на английском языке

One, two, three, four, five,
I am flying in the sky.
I am a toy aeroplane,
My name starts with A!

One, two, three,
B is for bee. One, two,
The bee is near you.
Don't cry, Don't speak,
Play hide-and-seek!

A cuckoo clock
Says «tick-tock».
Who says « cuckoo »
You know too!

How many ducklings
Can you see?   
Quack, quack, quack –
One, two, three!

Even numbers:
Two, four, six;
Odd numbers
I can mix.
Three, five, one
It is fun!

One, two, three, four, five,
Five fish like to dive.
One fish told me,
«Let's play in the sea!»

Granny's goose
Wears the shoes.
The shoes are red and stout.
Who goes out?
One, two,
Out go you!

I've got a hen
Who says,
«Cluck, cluck,
It's a golden egg,
Good luck, luck, luck!»
One, two,
This egg is for you!

Innie, minnie, «Old Inn»,
Count quickly and come in.
One, two, three, four,
Open the door!

Jane says,
«I choose jelly».
Jake says,
«I choose cherry».
If you choose jam
Count again!

Who is the King of Hearts?
Who is the Queen of Hearts?
One, two,
The Knave of Hearts will be you!

Lady Lemon goes out,
Sir Plum is black and round,
Miss Cherry is sweet,
You are the first to eat!

Mother, father,
Sister, brother.
One, two, three, four,
We're the family of four!

Nine baby birds
Live in the nest,
Nine baby birds
Wait for a guest.
It's not you,
It's not me.
Who knows
Climb the tree!

One slice of onion,
Two slices of bread,
Three slices of sausage –
It won't be bad!

Polly has two puppies,
Peter has one,
Pam has a parrot
And I have none.

Quarter to one –
Skipping is fun.
Quarter to three –
Play tag with me.
Quarter past eight –
Leap-frog is great!
Quarter past nine –
Say bye-bye!

Rain, rain, all the day,
On the grass and on the lane,
On my cheeks and on my nose
But not on my rose!

Sister Molly
Pushed a trolley.
One, two, three, four,
All the sweets are on the floor.

Five o'clock –
Time for tea.
Take your mug
And come to me!

One to ten and then again,
Ten umbrellas like the rain.
Ten umbrellas jump and run,
Out goes number one!

One, two, three, four, five,
I am your valentine!
«I love you with all my heart»,
Says my valentine card!

One wave
Up and down,
Two waves –
Gold crown,
Three waves –
I can see
A mermaid princess
In the sea!


Xmas pudding, Xmas tree,
Xmas time is gay and free.
Xmas bells sing «ding-dong»,
It's a merry Xmas song!

If you guess
Say «yes».
If you don't know
Say «no».
If you doubt
Go out!

How many zebras
Can you see?
Mummy, daddy, baby –
One, two, three!


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