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Cтихи о зиме на английском языке


Nothing is quite so quiet and clean
As snow that falls in the night,
And isn`t it jolly to jump from bed,
And find the whole world white?

New Year

A happy New Year!
The day is so clear,
The snow is so white,
The sky is so bright, We shout with all our might:
“A happy New Year!”

It’s snowing, It’s snowing

What a lot of snow!
Let us make some snowballs
We all like to throw.
It’s snowing, it’s snowing.
Let us sledge and ski!
When I’m dashing downhill
Clear the way for me!

New Year Day

New Year Day, happy day!
We are all glad and very gay.
We all dance and sing and say:
“Welcome! Welcome! New Year Day!”


This is the season
When mornings are dark,
And birds do not sing
In the forests and park.
This is the season
When children ski
And Father Frost brings
The New Year Tree!

Christmas Tree

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree
You give us so much pleasure.
You do not fade with winter snow.
You bloom with lights when cold wind blow.
Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree
You give us so much pleasure.

On the ice

Slide, slide, the ice is strong.
Quickly, quickly slide along!
Slide along and don’t be slow,
In the cold your face will glow!


So softy came the snowflakes down
That no one heard in all the town.
And right-side up they landed too,
As parachuting elves would do. 

So when the morning came – surprise!
The world lay white before your eyes.
With cotton roof and hills a-blur
And avenues of rabbit fur

Santa`s Presents

Tell  me what you have for me,
Santa Claus, (2)
First I want a shiny sled,
Make it green,no, make it red
Or some roller skates instead,
Santa Claus,

Then a doll with curly hair,
Santa Claus,
And I want a loud drum,
And I want a top to hum,
And I want a loud drum,
Santa Claus.


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Илья, 3 года
Звоню маме на работу в надежде, что никто не ответит, из чего будет следовать, что она уже едет домой. Увы! Слышу мамин голос. Удивляюсь и произношу:
- Я в шоке! почему ты до сих пор не выехала?
Илья подбегает ко мне и кричит в трубку:
- Бабушка! Мама не в шоке! Она в халате!